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Before the event

Entrance Rules





Allowed luggage size:
MAXIMUM A4 (20x30 CM)

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Free Public Transportation with your ticket

Please leave your car at home if you're going to drink alcohol! You can use the public transport services for free with the Time Warp Ticket inside the VRN area.

Please stay away from drugs. We want to have a "clean" party! Show responsibility, towards yourself, your fellowmen und your environment. Drugs may affect your health in a negative way, besides that there will be controls at the access roads, the entry and on the whole area. There is no safe way to take drugs!

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Festival Lockers:
Secure Your Belongings

  • Lockers are accessible at any time using a unique pin code.
  • We recommend purchasing your locker in advance to speed up the process at the venue.
  • There will be also lockers available on the festival grounds.
  • Lockers are located behind the entry gates, so please pack light and avoid bringing large backpacks which are forbidden on the festival grounds.
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Time Warp is 100% Cashless

We will be using a cashless payment system on premises. This will work via an electronic bracelet which you can top up with funds and also keep an overview of your purchases.

Want to skip the queues at our top up stations as well?

You will be able to add funds to your account online before the event with our new Pre-Top Up function. Following the event, you will also be able to refund any remaining money to your account online.

The benefits of using Pre-Top Up:

  • No waiting in line.
  • You can go directly to the bar.
  • Refund is possible after the event.

If you want to pre-top up more than one ticket, please use different e-mails during account creation.

Refunds are processed by Playpass and cost a 0,94€ service fee.
Refunds are open from Mo 06.11.23, 06:00 until Mi 15.11.2023, 23:59

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Can't make it? Use Our Resale Platform!

Sell your ticket without a loss with Paylogic's hassle-free resale platform.

You can access your order to sell your ticket by either searching for your order confirmation from Paylogic in your e-mail inbox or by requesting the confirmation mail again by clicking the button below.

To sell your ticket(s) scroll down to the end of the email and navigate to the resale page by clicking on the "Manage Order" button.

  1. The system will automatically match your offer with requests from other fans who are looking for a ticket.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email once your ticket is sold.
Resend Confirmation Mail

Prepare your night with our interactive timetable!

Don't miss a beat! Check out our interactive timetable, designed to keep you up-to-date with all the performances and events happening throughout the night. Best of all, it's lightweight and optimized to work even with bad connectivity, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Don't forget to bookmark it today!

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During the event

Venue Map

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Floor 2, with its unique club feel, is a Time Warp classic.
Please note its smaller capacity might lead to waits during popular sets.
Plan ahead to catch your favorite act!

Celebrate Safe

  • Stay safe and respect other people's boundaries
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly and stay away from illegal drugs
  • Protect your ears on the dance floor
  • Don't forget to take breaks to cool off
  • If you have any problems, security and crew are there to help
  • The first aid team is your friend
  • Don't drink and drive – take a taxi if needed
  • Public transportation is free with your Time Warp ticket


After the Event

Lost and Found

Lost property can be collected from the Mannheim Oststadt police station from Monday 6th of November.

       Polizeirevier Mannheim-Oststadt
       L 6, 1
       68161 Mannheim
       Phone: 0621 174 – 3310

If you left something behind in your locker, please reach out to Eventsafe. You will need to provide your locker number and pin code, also you need to pay for shipping.
Send an Email to: info@eventsafe.eu

Cashless Refund


  • If you used pre-top up, please login to your account.
  • If you added funds at the venue, please create an account and have the ID printed on your RFID chip ready.
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Refunds are processed by Playpass and cost a 0,94€ service fee.
Refunds are open from Mo 06.11.23, 06:00 until Mi 15.11.2023, 23:59

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